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BART Kiosk Redesign

A redesign of the Bay Area Transit System (BART) kiosk system


BART is one of the transit systems in San Francisco. We were challenged to evaluate the current BART system and redesign a new kiosk that allows riders to select their destination and quickly purchase tickets.


Over a 4 week period, my partner and I conducted user research, created paper and digital prototypes of the UI, and performed rounds of usability testing.

Key Roles 

Design Research, UI Design, Service Design, Usability Testing, and Prototyping

Course Advisors

Kristian Simsarian (IxD Foundations)

Lauren Ruiz (Design Research)


Amber Murray (MDes - IxD)

Project Length

4 weeks

User Interviews

We interviewed 12 different people at the BART station who ranged from first-time riders, experienced riders, and BART employees. We collected feedback on positive and negative experiences with using the kiosk.

Research Synthesis

After conducting interviews, we started synthesizing the data into personas. From there we started listing out features that we wanted to include. Using a prioritization matrix, we listed out the most and least important features. 


We rapidly began doing hand sketched wireframes. We used paper prototypes to rapidly get feedback, which helped us determine improvements to the design and screen flows.

Environmental Design

As part of the improvement of the BART kiosk, we also recommended environmental changes to improve the rider's experience in the station. Improvements included maps, signage, wayfinding, and a train schedule/update board.

Usability Testing

We conducted four rounds of usability testing to validate the different changes on the BART kiosk UI. The first round was conducted in person. The next two rounds were conducted remotely on

Final UI

Based on the feedback from our usability testing, we made our final series of screens.

Usability Poster

As part of our final user testing results and design iterations, we created a usability poster to demonstrate our findings.

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