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Design Process
Flyer's Island Board Game

For this project, we had to work in teams of 3 to develop a game over a one week period. While working on the project, we created storyboards, developed two prototypes, and conducted a series of play testing.


Flyer's Island is based on the premise that 2-6 players are stranded on a tropical island. The only way to get off the island is to collect enough scrap parts to build either a plane or a hot air balloon. Players must go to different areas on the board to battle game monsters to collect resources. There is a magic tiki force that creates random elements of surprise that help or hurt players. The first player that collects enough parts to fly off the island wins. Otherwise, if no players collect enough resources before the volcano explodes, then all players lose. 


On this project, my specific role was:

  • Developing the concept of the story of the game and drafting story boards

  • Creating prototype elements within the game such as cards, board, and pieces

  • Prioritizing game features and designing probabilites to find an even balance with good and bad chance

  • Conducting 3 rounds of play testing with different users and collected feedback



Game Rules 



Story | Game Design | Game Testing



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