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Goodwill Communication Project

Goodwill is a non-profit that focuses on creating solutions to poverty through the businesses they operate. 


Over the course of the semester, in a group of 5, we were brought in to work with San Francisco Goodwill to help identify areas of improvement around their internal communication culture. 


Our ultimate solution was a Culture Committee that focused on giving employees an opportunity to step up and contribute to Goodwill or to raise their concerns to leadership. As the organization is very top-down with communication, the solution would help bring higher visibility to employees and communicate bottom-up.


During the project, my specific role included:

  • Conducting project management activities such as creating a project plan and managing submission of deliverables

  • Creating an interview guide and research guide

  • Leading client workshops and interviews to gather information about the organization

  • Interviewing 12 different employees in 8 different locations

  • Synthesizing interview data by using the "Rose, Bud, Thorn" methodology to sort through data

  • Brainstorming potential solutions to implement at Goodwill

  • Presenting final project findings to executive leadership


Design Reserach | Communication Design | Organizational Design

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