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Design Process 
Made with Love

Heirlooms have different perceived values for people. During this specific project, a partner and I had to come up with a concept for an heirloom that incorporates a form of ambient technology. 


The concept of this heirloom is a recipe box called "Made with Love". The recipe box contains a series of handwritten recipes that have recordings embedded in them. Upon pushing the button on the recipe card, a message would play and a small story would print on the side of the box. When the person finishes learning all of the recipes, a final secret recipe unlocks in the hidden compartment of the box. 


Over a 2 week period, we created a series of storyboards, built a prototype, and filmed a product video.


My role included:

  • Sketching a series of storyboards to convey the concept of the heirloom

  • Building and planning the physical prototype

  • Coding and building a prototype using Arduino

  • Filming and editing a product video


Storyboarding | Product Design | Video Making | Video Editing | Arduino

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