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Hyperloop Experience

Over a 6 week period, in a team of 3 we had to develop an end-to-end customer experience for Elon Musk's new Hyperloop transportation system. 


For the project, we had to deliver a set of concepts that would align with what customers would want out of the Hyperloop experience. We developed a design strategy, conducted user research, created an experience map and service blueprint, built digital and physical prototypes, wrote out a storyboard, and made a short-film on our concepts. 


My specific role on this project included:

  • Conducting project management activities such as coming up with a detailed project plan and timeline

  • Performed design research by interviewing different types of commuters, conducting analogous research, and collecting cultural probes

  • Identified opportunities and pain points through creating a current state journey map on the commuter experience

  • Developing a design strategy that would be the foundation for our concepts 

  • Sketched and created concepts for the prototypes

  • Created a video that conveys our final concept of Hyperloop

  • Developed detailed functional specifications on the Hyperloop experience





Service Design | Design Strategy | Design Reserach | Storyboarding | Prototyping | Film Editing | Film Making

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