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Using the Telegraph

My partner and I sending a message using our digital telegraph machine and code system.

Telegraph Mental Model Diagram

Created an infographic showing how a telegraph works.

TEA Code Book

Developed a code that could be sent over a telegraph system that was not Morse code.

Receiver Box

Developed a receiver box made with an Arduino that displays the message coming from a telegraph.

Arduino Prototype

Using an Arduino, a telegraph was created that could send a message that would be transferred to a digital screen.

Telegraph and Code Systems

For this specific project, in groups of two, we had to develop a telegraph system that could send a message that can be decoded by the receiver.


Additionally, the code cannot be Morse code. My partner and I decided to come up with a code that prioritizes the most used letters wtihin the alphabet. The code would also only use short dits as those were easier to distinguish than using both short dits and long dahs. We named this "Tea Code".


Using a matrix as a matrix, we assigned values 1-5 to each column and row. One character was eliminated, which was "W". The "W" would be replaced with two "U"s.


Later on, using Arduino, we built a physical prototype that could transmit a message using a telegraph key. The receiver would see a black box with a digital display that shows the message. 



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