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An investment portfolio management app for millenials


Create an app that encourages millenials to invest.

The app would be a product that exists as part of Union Bank's line of existing applications. 


Millenials are notorious for having high amounts of debt, poor financial literacy, and limited savings. The main goal of this app was make finance easy enough to comprehend to encourage millenials to invest for the first time. 

Key Skills

UX Design, Visual Design, Design Research, Prototyping

Course Advisor

Chris Nyffeler (Form/Visual Design)

Christian Palino (Form/Visual Design)

Project Team

Karen Chan (Co-UX Researcher) 

Project Role

UX/UI Designer

Project Length

2.5 weeks


Framer.js, Sketch, Illustrator, Keynote


Millenials' understanding of investing varies depending on the current life stage that they are at and the amount of loans they have.

We interviewed 5 different millenials who are interested in investing. When looking through our interview data, we categorized users into 4 different types of actors based on their understanding of finance and amount of debt that they have.

From there, we learned that our ideal target customer would be the "Financial Newbie". This type of user is typically uninformed about investing, has little to no debt, and generally wants to know the bare minimum to investing. We picked this user because we wanted to challenge ourselves with creating a simple to learn app for those who are new to investing.

Understanding our target customer, we created a how might we statement that would drive the primary focus of the app.


The app had to allow users to manage their portfolios, add/withdraw funds, and add spare amounts of change from other transactions.

I went through several iterations of concepts. I created a set of wireframes using the "Crazy Eights" method. Also, trying different metaphors, I brainstormed potential outcomes for an investment app. I originally was playing with the metaphor of a spare change jar and collecting money. However, through various iterations, I ultimately toned down the metaphor and used an abstract set of circles to create the feeling of coins. 


I wanted to be inspired by professional, modern and airy designs.

Before creating the visual designs for the app, I looked at design and artwork that inspired the experience I wanted to create with the app. Pulling from areas such as photography, apps, graphic design, and product design, I created a mood board to reflect the vibe I wanted to convey.

Usability Testing

Millenials wanted a quick to use app that does not need constant monitoring or managing of their investments.

My partner and I went out to Capital One Cafe in downtown San Francisco and conducted some usability testing with customers. We specifically targeted millenials who were already interested in finance (thus the bank location). From there, we gathered feedback on the functionality, visuals, and the overall concept. Users wanted simplier language and more feedback on what to do after performing an action.

Design Standards

Typography, color, controls and motion are consistently used throughout the app.

I documented a set of visual design standards and design principles for the app. By having a set of standards, I can ensure consistent visual language throughout the app.

Final Concept

Micro moments create a sense of delight and fun in the app, making investments seem more approachable to users.

The final concept included the following states and functionality. Incorporating micro-interations and motion, I created a final visually polished design that represented the ideas defined from earlier usability testing and design research.

Account Overview

Users can quickly see how their portfolio is doing and quickly add a pre-set investment amount to their account balance.

Round-Up Change

Users can add spare change amounts left over from transactions into their investment portfolio.

Project Portfolio

Portfolio Mix

Users can project their portfolio values based on a slider over years of their account. The projected amount displays the risks of the min and max amounts earned.

Users can change their existing risk profiles of their investment portfolios and see how their current mix of investments will be affected. 

Transfer Funds

Users can add reoccurring or one-time investments or withdraws from their preferred accounts to their investment portfolio.


By using the hamburger menu, users can navigate to different areas of the app. Also, they can always see their account values and change settings.

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