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Under the Sea

This project required us to build a perceived valuable object out of scrap materials and found materials. Within one week, I had planned and created a children's mobile. The name of the mobile is "Under the Sea". 


Materials that were used in this object are plywood, felt, cotton, yarn, beads, and a coat hanger. 


I started by drawing paper patterns and then cutting the shapes out on felt. Each object was hand sewn and stuffed with cotton balls. The strings were measured out and sewn into each animal. Beads were then attached. 


For the plywood, I measured out the dimensions and cut the pieces. Each piece had holes drilled that could pass through the string. I then used the coat hanger to attach the two pieces of wood. 


Finally, each animal was distinctly placed on the wood based on weight and height to create an even distribution. The structure hangs freely on its own. 


Product Design | Sewing

Design Process
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